SASES Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendecectomy and Suturing Course

Event Description

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will be runnuing a smaller course sometime in September of October dependant on the number of registrations. If you would like to attend, please complete the registration section and the bottom of this page.

The purpose of this course is to take a deeper look at the complication that are still common in Laparoscopy and ways at preventing them. A segment of the course will also focus on Laparoscopic Suturing Techniques. The course will be suitable for both Specialists with  a lot of experience in Laparoscopic Surgery as well as Registrars.

Faculty: Prof Alp Numanoglu, Dr Marc Bernon, Dr Christo Kloppers & Dr Bernie Maree, Mr Dirk von Delft, 

DAY 1:

08:00 Registration

08:30 Welcome

Principles of Laparoscopy

Energy Sources – what to use when and the function of each of the available energy devices

Ergonomics in MAS

Anatomy of Bile Ducts

Avoiding bile duct injuries

Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

11:00 Tea

11:30 Practical exercises

Camera navigation

Hand-eye co-ordination

Bi-manual co-ordination

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Cholecystectomy (Porcine Model)

15:00 Tea

15:30 Cholecystectomy (Porcine Model) When to convert

Day 2:

8:00 Registration

On jig with rope

Anatomy of a knot: Reef, granny, surgeon’s knot converting a reef knot to a sliding knot

Tying a knot using two needle holders.

Specific attention to C-loop

Converting a reef knot to a sliding knot and locking back with needle holders

10.30 – 10.45: Tea

Suturing stage 1: Inserting the needle into peritoneal cavity

Suturing stage 2: Grasping and positioning the needle in the needleholder: 5 methods

Suturing stage 3: Inserting the needle and pulling suture through

12.45 – 13.30: Lunch

Practical: Box Trainer

Knotting – Forming C-loop – Reef knot

Capsizing and relocking

15h00 – Tea

Practical: Porcine Bowel

Intermittent and continuous suturing




Built Process

SASES Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendecectomy and Suturing Course