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DAA Training Cadaver Workshop
Current Concepts in Hip Arthroplasty
Direct Anterior Approach – Lateral Decubitus Position


The direct anterior approach for hip arthroplasty surgery can be approached using 3 different approaches, namely: using a traction table, the supine approach and the lateral decubitus approach. Smith & Nephew believes that the lateral decubitus approach offers numerous benefits:

  • It is a minimally invasive approach to the hip joint
  • The technique is performed on a regular operation table; there is no need for a specific orthopaedic table and traction of the leg is not required.
  • Most of the instruments used for this procedure are standard instruments; the acetabular reamer and positioner are angled and are especially useful when performing hip arthroplasty in obese patients.
  • The approach provides a clear view of the acetabulum, the proximal femur and the important natural landmarks for effective implant positioning.
  • No tendons or muscles are cut or detached as the approach follows the interval between the tensor muscle and the sartorious and rectus femoris muscles.
  • The joint capsule is split and left in place. The hip joint is not dislocated and the osteotomy of the femoral neck is performed in situ.

Smith & Nephew is offering a DAA training program that will take experienced hip arthroplasty surgeons on an educational journey to master the direct anterior approach for hip arthroplasty.

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