Colo Rectal Week

Event Description

22 April 2013 Monday

07:00 – 10:00 D3 Lecture Room, Red Cross War Memorial Children’sHospital, Rondebosch, Cape Town
Chairs: Prof Alp Numanoglu / Prof Paddy Dewan (am)
08:00-08:10 Welcome Prof Numanoglu
08:10-08:20 Welcome Prof Levitt
08:00-17:00Surgery Full Day (3 full daycOR lists –live broadcast)
08:20-09:00 Presentation of patients for surgery
Live surgery link to Auditorium. (3 operating rooms)
10:30 and 15:30 Tea/Coffee breaks
13:00 Lunch
Chairs: Mr Jonathan Sutcliffe/ Dr Olakayode Olaolu (pm)
Hirschsprung’s Pull through -How I do it. Alp Numanoglu
Neonatal one stage procedure for Hirschsprung’s disease in African countries, itssafety, feasibility and impact on morbidity. Dr Felix Krog
Laparoscopic repair of a norectal malformations at the Red Cross War MemorialChildren’s Hospital:

taking stock. Richard England
A comparison of laparoscopic-assisted (LAARP) and posterior sagittal (PSARP) anorectoplasty in the outcome of intermediate and high anorectal malformations. Dr Corne de Vos
23 April 2013 Tuesday
Surgical Forum Presentation:
Prof Marc Levitt
Chair Prof Rob Brown / MrRichard England (am)
Surgery Full Day (2 full day OR lists –live broadcast)
Virtual Outpatients Department:
Virtual Colo-rectal clinic: We will be linking up the Auditorium with the hospital outpatients department. Delegates will be able to see the specialists interacting with the patients and take part in decision making process. (7 complex colorectal patients will be seen)
Tea/Coffee breaks 10:30 and 15:30
13:00 Lunch
Chairs Dr Angus Alexander / Prof Alastair Millar (pm)
13:30-17:00 Journal Club (Angus Alexander)
Case discussions (Interesting cases from delegates): My most memorable case, My biggest clinical dilemma, My most memorable complication
24 April 2013 Wednesday
08:00-09:00 Paediatrics Meeting Professor Paddy Dewan
Lessons Learnt by teaching in developing countries
Chairs Miliard Derbew / Sabine Sarnacki (am)
Surgery Full Day (3 full day OR lists –live broadcast)
Tea/Coffee breaks 10:30 and 15:30
13:00 Lunch
Chairs Richard Wood / Milind Chitnis (pm)
Radiology seminar:
Anorectal and associated urological conditions.
International Colorectal Web Meeting
Low GI obstruction in the Neonate – Dr Padma Rao
Hirschsprung’s Imaging and Complications – Dr Tracy Kilborn
Anorectal malformation imaging, include PF, US, contrast and MRI – Dr Padma Rao
The diagnostic accuracy of MRI in the pre-operative evaluation of anorectal malformation Dr J Alves
Radiology quiz – Dr Padma Rao and Dr Tracy Kilborn
Type and timing of radiology investigations for ARM and associated abnormalities.
Dr Stanley Mugambi and Dr Richard Wood
25 April 2013 Thursday
Chairs Dr. Taiwo Laval / Prof. Billur Demirogullari (am)
Surgery Full Day (3 full day OR lists –live broadcast)
Management posterior urethral strictures via the Pena approach, Professor Paddy Dewan
Tea/Coffee breaks 10:30 and 15:30
Lunch 13:00
Chairs Dr. Sharon Cox / Dr Chris Westgarth-Taylor
Hirschsprung’s cases –post op
Surgical tricks (ie rectal stenosis)
Bowel Management (patients presented for management options)
Closure Colorectal Week
26 April 2013 Friday
(separate pre-registration required)
(limited number of participants)
Vascular Access Course (Surgical Skills Training Centre)

This Course Is Finished