Cape Town Head and Neck Dissection Course

Event Description

Cape Town

Head and Neck Dissection Course

In Association with The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa


This course is taking place at the University of Cape Town Surgical Skills Training Centre, 6th Floor, Institute of Child Health Building, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Klipfontein Road, Mowbray, Cape Town.

Dates: Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 December 2017

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Convener: Professor Johan Fagan

Faculty: Professor Johan Fagan

Head and Neck Dissection Programme 

Programme and Preparatory reading

Preparatory reading:

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  1.    Ranula and sublingual salivary gland
  2.    Submandibular gland excision
  3.     Parotidectomy
  4.    Parapharyngeal space
  5.    Radical neck dissection
  6.    Thyroidectomy
  7.    Thyroglossal duct (Sistrunk)
  8.    Laryngectomy

Additional Preparatory Reading (Free Online)

Online Head & Neck Dissection and Reconstruction Manual (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Early registration: before 31 October 2017


    •   Number of Dissecting Delegates 17
    •  Fresh frozen cadavers.
    •   One side of neck dissected per delegate.
    •   Demonstration of sialendoscopy.
    •  Target audience.  ENT registrars and surgeons  
    •   General surgery registrars and surgeons.
    •   Maxillofacial registrars and surgeons.
    •   Plastic surgery registrars and surgeons
    08h00– 09h40 09h40 – 10h00 10h00 – 10h15 11h00 – 13h30 Lecturer
    Submandibular gland Parotidectomy Parapharyngeal space (PPS) Parotidectomy & PPS Thandar
    Lecture Demo dissection Delegate dissections Lecture Lecture Demo dissection Delegate dissectionsFagan
    •   Refreshments Between 10-15 am to 11:00 am
    •   Lunch Time Between 13h30 pm to 14h00 pm
    •   Afternoon Refreshments Between 15h:30-16h:00
    •  Between 14h30 – 14h50 Neck dissection
    •   Lecture is Demo dissection by Fagan
    •   Lecture is Delegate dissections by Fagan
    •  Afternoon Refreshments Between 15h:30-16h:00
    08:15-08:45 08h45 -10h00 10h00-11h00 11h30-12h30 12h:30– 14h30 14h00 – 15h30
    Sialendoscopy1 Floor of mouth & Sublingual gland Thyroid lobectomy and Sistrunk Thyroid lobectomy and Sistrunk Laryngectomy Thyroplasty
    Lecture Demonstration Lecture /Demo dissection/ Dissection Lecture/Demo dissection Delegate dissections Lecture/Demo dissection/Delegate dissections Lecture/Demo dissection/Delegate dissections
    Edkins Fagan Fagan FaganThandar
    •   First Refreshments Between 11:00 am to 11:30 am
    •   Second Refreshments and Encloser starts from 15:30pm
  •  Dissectors: Registrars ZAR6500 (Early) ZAR7000 (Late)
  •  Dissectors: Specialists(Non-CMSA members) ZAR7700 (Early) ZAR8200 (Late)
  •  Dissectors: Specialists(CMSA members) ZAR7000 (Early) ZAR7500 (Late)
  •   Observers (one per dissecting table): 5
  •   Observers: ZAR3000

    To Register Please Complete the Form Below

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    Head & Neck Dissection Course

    Head & Neck Dissection