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Basic UGI Endoscopy Course



This course has been running for five years and is aimed at the novice/beginner wanting to feel more comfortable with the scope and consumables before starting formal endoscopy training. It includes a morning of interactive lectures on anatomy, common pathology, cleaning of scopes, sedation, diathermy, practical tips and tricks when starting upper endoscopy, followed by an afternoon of practical experience including scope cleaning, negotiating the porcine model, biopsy, foreign body retrieval, clip application, variceal band ligation, snaring and hot polypectomy, and placement of a PEG.

Venue: Red Cross Children’s Hospital Skills Lab, Cape Town

Date 2018:  Oct 5.

Cost: R1500


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Supported by an educational grant from the Gastro Foundation of South Africa         

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Basic UGI Endoscopy Course