Event Description



Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May 2024

This 2-day Workshop will allow you to learn about, refresh and improve your LAPAROSCOPIC SUTURING skills. It is aimed at Surgeons that have already attended a Basic Laparoscopy Course. 

Focus on KNOTTING – At the end of the workshop you will have learnt how to be sure that the  knots you are tying laparoscopically are as secure as those tied in open surgery.

Focus on NEEDLE HANDLING, SUTURING and Intra-corporeal knot tying.

Faculty:  Prof Alp Numanoglu 

Venue: Surgical Skills Training Centre, 6th Floor ICH Building, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Rondebosch, Cape Town.

This is a CPD accredited course.


Day 1:

08:00            Registration

08:30            Introduction

09:00            Ergonomics: Professor Alp Numanoglu

09:30            Warm up: laparoscopic psychomotor skills

10:30             Tea

11:00             The Basics On jig with rope:

Anatomy of a knot.

Reef, granny, surgeon’s knot.

Specific attention to C-loop.

Converting a reef knot to a sliding knot.

Tying a knot using two needle holders.

Converting a reef knot to a sliding knot and locking back with needle holders.

In box on foam:

Suturing stage 1: Inserting the needle into peritoneal cavity.

Suturing stage 2: Grasping and positioning the needle in the needle holder: 5 methods.

Suturing stage 3: Inserting the needle in tissue and pulling suture through.

13:00            LUNCH

14:00            In box on model: Intracorporeal knotting.

Forming C-loop

Reef knot

Capsizing and relocking

15:15             Tea

15:30            Practice on artificial tissue

Suture – interrupted

Suture – continuous

16:30            Close


Day 2:

08:00            Welcome

08:30            Suturing and knotting on tissue:

Interrupted repair of gastric wall

10:00            Extracorporeal knotting

10:30             Tea

11:00             Continuous repair of gastric wall

12:30             Lunch

13:00             Tissue dissection

Interrupted double layer repair on stomach

15:15              Tea

15:30             Bowel anastomosis

Continuous suture

16:30             Close