GESEA CERT2 Practical Training Workshop (Cape Town) – Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November 2024

Event Description




Workshop Description and Objectives

To ensure patient’s safety in laparoscopic surgery, it is clear that future laparoscopic surgeons should possess objective measurable theoretical knowledge and practical skills, prior to undertaking any procedure, even under supervision, in the operating room.

As part of its plan to standardise strategies and regulations for training in laparoscopy throughout Europe, the EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR GYNAECOLOGICAL ENDOSCOPY (ESGE), in collaboration with ESHRE, SERGS and ESGO, has conducted extensive scientific research resulting in a validated programme of exercises for acquiring and testing laparoscopic psychomotor skills.

LASTT2™, SUTT2™ and HYSTT2™ are validated assessments and certification method which measures and evaluates psychomotor skills in camera navigation, hand-eye and bi-manual coordination.

All exercises are executed in dry-lab set-up, with participants working together in pairs, and under the strict procedural guidance of instructors.

The workshop is open to all delegates interested in laparoscopic surgery; experience level is indifferent.

At the conclusion of the Workshop the clinician will

  • Be assessed on his/her psychomotor skills level
  • Be ranked by comparison with benchmark performance data of representative experienced laparoscopic surgeons receiving a red, green or yellow colour code at each test
  • Receive a final report of competence in basic laparoscopic psychomotor, suturing and hysteroscopy skills.
  • Will have received extensive information off all modalities of the GESEA programme


Workshop Programme

Day 1:           08h30 to 16h30

08h00           Registration

08h30           Welcome and introduction

Theoretical session (30 min)

Overview of the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) Training Programme

Chief Instructor:  TBA

Instructor:   TBA

09h00             Practical Sessions:

The Laparoscopic Skills Training and Testing (LASTT2™) method

                        Exercise 1: CAMERA NAVIGATION with a 30° laparoscope

Exercise 2: HAND/EYE CO-ORDINATION with a 0° laparoscope and a curved dissector

Exercise 3: HAND/EYE CO-ORDINATION with a 0° laparoscope and a curved dissector and a Matkowicz Grasper

11h00           Tea

11h15             The Hysteroscopy Skills Training and Testing (HYSTT2™) method

Exercise 1: Camera Navigation with the 30° optic hysteroscope

Exercise 2: Hand-eye Coordination using the 30°hysteroscope and hysteroscopic forceps

13h00             Lunch

13h45             The Laparoscopic Suturing Skills Training and Testing (SUTT2™) method

 Handling a needle in a Laparoscopic Pelvic Trainer

-The anatomy of a needle

-Picking up and manipulating a needle, especially with respect to the angle and cant/slant/tilt of the needle

-The rotation of the needle through the foam model and pulling the suture through

-Skill of positioning the needle and suturing with both left and right hands

15h15            Tea 

14h00           Exercise 1: Stitching Greek Suture

-Loading the needle with both hands starting to pass the needle through the red dot – running the suture until the last black dot

Exercise 2: Right hand suture – Stitching and knot tying with right hand

On a jig with rope & in a laparoscopic pelvic trainer:

-The technique of tying a surgeon’s knot using string by hand using the C/reverse C technique

-The technique of tying a surgeon’s knot using 2 open needle holders

16h30           Close


Day 2:           08h30 to 16h00

08h00             Welcome

08h30             The Laparoscopic Suturing Skills Training and Testing (SUTT2™) method

Exercise 3: Left hand oblique suture – Stitching and knot tying with left hand

-Precise positioning of stitch on the predefined entry (red dot) and exit point (black dot).

-1 Intra-corporeal knot with double flat knot, 1st locking sequence and 2nd locking sequence.

-The exercise is being timed till the participant releases the thread at both ends at the end of the knotting movements.

10h30            Tea

11h00            Exercise 4: Dominant hand vertical (wedge) suture

13h00            Lunch

14h00             Exercise 5: The Laparoscopic Skills Training and Testing (SUTT2™) TEST

16h00            Conclusion


Please note:

Please note that you must have registered for the GESEA e-learning programme before you can register for the workshop – GESEA Level 2MIGS e-learning

This workshop will only take place subject to sufficient number of delegates.


The GESEA Practical Training Workshop is CPD accredited.

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