Virtual reality training

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Surgical procedures available include all programs indicated below.

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Basic Laparoscopic Skills Acquisition

Prior to performing advanced laparoscopic procedures, the registrars must be familiar with and experienced in basic laparoscopic skills:

Basic Laparoscopic Procedure Training

Utilization of minimal access procedures is increasing and has become gold standard in basic procedures such as laparoscopic cholycystectomy. The LAP Mentor provides an environment to experience a full laparoscopic cholycestectomy.

Advanced Laparoscopic Procedure Training

As new laparoscopic procedures emerge and guidelines for endoscopic surgery evolve, Simbionix develops training modules based on cutting edge simulation technology enabling users to experience entire complex laparoscopic procedures in a safe environment.

Simbionix Lap MENTOR training took place at the surgical skills training centre on the 22nd and 23rd February 2012.