Burnout Patient Safety and Ethics

Date(s) - 3 Apr 2012
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Surgical Skills Training Centre, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

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Burnout amongst health care professionals: can we afford to ignore this any longer?

You are cordially invited to the following workshops on April 3, 2012:

Workshop 1.

April 3:   8:30 – 12:00

Physician Burnout and Stress Management – Dr Florence Jennings, Singapore

Staff (physicians and nurses) working in emergency and trauma medicine, intensive care units, surgery and anaesthetics are at an increased risk to develop burnout.  However, most healthcare professionals will experience burnout at some stage in their working careers.  It is a recognized syndrome that involves a combination of physical exhaustion, depersonalisation and a negative self attitude that can have devastating consequences for the health care professional, his/her colleagues, families and patients.  The consequences of untreated burnout include: high staff turnover, staff absenteeism, medical errors, reduced work efficacy, medical litigation and reduced job satisfaction.  Staff absenteeism alone, cost South Africa R 19 billion in 2009.

Dr. Jennings is a researcher specializing in burnout amongst medical professionals. She focuses on physiological and psychological health through the mediated mechanisms of measurable stress markers, psycho-systems and work specific factors.  She has amongst others a degree in graduate medicine from INSEAD and is a research fellow at the Yong, Loo Kin School of Medicine, and National University Health System Research in Singapore.  She is also a consultant to several medical schools in Europe, the USA (i.e. Harvard and Stanford) and Australia. Florence is a recognised international speaker and have recently completed a program at the NASA Aims Research Centre in Palo Alto, California.  She was also nominated to attend the prestigious Future Med 1012 program on medicine and technology.


Workshop 2.

April 3:   1:00– 3:30

Patient Safety Issues – Dr. Monique van Dijk, The Netherlands

Burnout can have a negative impact on patient safety, which in turn will contribute to patient dissatisfaction, complaints and a negative corporate image.

Dr Monique van Dijk is a qualified nurse with and a psychologist with a PhD in pain assessment. She has done research and training on patient safety issues in the Netherlands.  This workshop will focus on the relationship between nurse stress levels and patient safety issues, as well as leadership and communication skills for nurses. The workshop is a summary of the team resource management training that were developed specifically for nurses, in Rotterdam. Monique is a researcher and lecturer at the Sophia Hospital, Erasmus Mc in Rotterdam and is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has lectured in many countries around the world.



Workshop 3.

April 3: 4:00 – 5:30

Ethics – Dr Nico Nortje, South Africa

The first two workshops address physicians care and patient care respectively. The last workshop for the day will draw on what has been said and will illustrate how an ethical background could counter most the risks discussed during session one and two.

Dr Nico Nortje is a research fellow with the University of the Free State and guest lecturer at various other universities. He holds a PhD in medical ethics and presents CPD courses accredited with the HPCSA.

Venue:    Department of Paediatric Surgery, 6th Floor ICH Building, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Rondebosch.

Cost:          R500 per workshop, R700 if attending two workshops and R750 if attending all three workshops.

Lunch, tea and coffee is included.

For further information or to book telephonically contact:

                Giovanna Adams: Tel: 021 658 5335

                Email: giovanna.adams@uct.ac.za

                Or  Dr. Rene Albertyn: Tel: 021 6585346

                Email: rene.j.albertyn@gmail.com


Please book before March 28 as space is limited to 30 people only.